• 2018 European Processor Initiative (EPI): I assisted one of the partners in the EPI consortium with review of proposals and evaluation of critical technology.

  • 2013- Square Kilometer Array (SKA) radio telescope: As a consultant to Cambridge University, I contributed to technical, vendor related, and process oriented aspects of engineering for the SKA.

  • 2014 Department of Science and Technology (DST) South Africa: I evaluated proposals for the DST and assisted them brainstorming about critical initiatives. I brought new areas of focus to the annual CHPC conference.

  • 2011 - 2013 Exascale I/O Workgroup: I led a discussion group which developed influential ideas.

  • 2012-2014, EC Brussels: I served on the committee to create initial blueprints for the Horizon 2020 program’s HPC research initiatives.


XYRATEX 2010-2013.

As Senior Vice President I was a member of the CEO’s executive board and directed software engineering, in a team of some 300 engineers, across many products, including:

  • ClusterStor’s product line

  • Grid RAID for Lustre

  • Secure Lustre

  • MERO/Colibri Object Storage System

  • Enclosure Firmware

I introduced architecture and software development processes. I managed outsourcing relationships for software and was involved in the selection of overseas design and manufacturing of hardware.

When it became apparent Xyratex was going to be acquired (by Seagate) I left the company.


While reporting to the Executive VP of Engineering (John Fowler) and working with the CEO (Jonathan Schwarz) I worked on strategic projects such as:

  • the integration of Cluster File Systems into SUN

  • designing a unified approach to the SUN storage portfolio

  • ports of products from Linux to Solaris and vice versa

In many of these projects I worked with Jeff Bonwick and Bill Moore. I visited many customers around the world and worked on proposals for HPC installations with Andreas Bechtolsheim. When it became apparent SUN was going to be acquired (by Oracle) I left the company.


I led the architecture of products, early customer relations, and technical marketing. I leveraged processes from Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute. I was coached to gain executive skills, which became valuable as the company grew to around 130 people and 100 customers. I generally wrote white papers and course materials and delivered many technical lectures.


  • Academic 2015-: I interact with a few research groups on issues described on the work page. I give some 5 invited lectures annually, and frequently initiate discussions about open issues that have not received enough attention. I organize brainstorming meetings or small workshops. Sometimes I publish refereed papers, and supervise graduate students. I work both with academic and industry researchers.

  • Senior Systems Scientist 1996-2000: I took over leadership of the Coda project in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University as a Senior Systems Faculty member. The project and one of my papers won an award, and the origins of two successful commercial products (InterMezzo and Lustre) were established.

  • Mathematician 1980-1996: I pursued an academic career until 1995. I published papers, had eight PhD students complete their thesis under me.